About Us

Boom Headquarters Los Angeles, CA.

Our History

Since 1996 Boom Industrial has been a dependable source for custom rubber, plastic and metal products. Boom Industrial provides parts, service, and solutions to major industries including HVAC, Heavy Trucking, Automotive, Lighting, Appliances, Construction, Dairy and more. With our headquarters and warehouses in Los Angeles, and multiple global manufacturing locations, we are strategically positioned to offer our customers the best service and support in custom manufacturing. We are a full service one-stop-shop company for all of your rubber, plastic and metal manufacturing needs!

Our manufacturing capabilities include rubber molding, rubber extrusion, rubber to metal bonding, plastic injection molding, plastic extrusion, plastic insert molding, metal stamping, metal machining, in house mold making and in house rubber compounding. We also offer a variety of secondary processes such as cleaning, splicing, printing, assembling, packaging, PSA backing, and ultrasonic welding.

Boom Industrial Facility 1

Our Facilities

Boom Industrial has three manufacturing facilities in China: Hangzhou, Huzhou, and Anhui. We have partner manufacturers in Taiwan, Malaysia, and Thailand to offer our customers flexibility, quality, and competitive pricing. Our customers experience the best of both worlds; east and west. We also have engineering teams on both sides of the globe to assist with design for manufacturing. As a customer you will experience the quality customer service and expertise of working with a US owned company with all the cost benefits that come with overseas manufacturing.

Our commitment to satisfying our customers’ needs and specifications is visible through the continuous efforts we take to improve and maintain clean, high tech manufacturing facilities which employ over 500 individuals, working three shifts, to ensure around the clock production. Any project, of any size, will be completed on schedule.

Our US owned facilities in China have over 800,000 square feet of manufacturing floor space. Our global facilities are strategically located to service all industries throughout the world. Whether it be from Multinational Corporations to simple prototypes, Boom Industrial is your one-stop-shop for success in Rubber, Plastic, and Metal goods.

Boom Industrial Facility 2

Our Mission

The three main facets of our mission are to:

1.Establish a globally recognized sales, consulting, and manufacturing platform known for quality custom molded rubber products, and excellent customer support from initial design through mass production.

2.Create and maintain a Continuous Improvement Process to keep us current on the latest of rubber molding and compounding technology. Adopting new technologies gives our customers a competitive edge in their markets.

3.Develop an environment where all of our employees share common values, and are committed to enriching both personal and corporate performance. All employees at Boom operate with the notion in mind: that our customers' success equals our success!